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Houston’s Premier Paint & Body Shop and Collision Specialists Offering Warranted Alignment Services.

Does your car have a mind of its own? Does your truck drift into nearby lanes unintentionally? Does your van’s steeing wheel vibrate at high-speeds? Chances are you have an alignment issue. There are many signs of alignment problems that you can look out for (How to Tell if you Need a Front End Alignment). For most of us though, only a professional can tell the difference between tire-wear or a more serious alignment issue in our car or truck.

“Proper wheel alignment can increase the longevity of y

our car tires and suspension… [and] increase your fuel efficiency too … saving you hundreds of dollars per year.” 

Good1Auto Group is one of Houston’s most forward thinking Auto Body & Paint Shops. Along with their ASE Certified Mechanic Services, they provide unparalleled workmanship on (you guessed it!) alignment services as well. Unlike most Houston mechanics, they warrantee all their work and go the extra mile to ensure that the highest quality work is completed on-time and on-budget.

To that end, they only use the Alignment Ultra™ line of alignment machines. These are the premiere devices of the industry offering uparalleled precision on the widest ragne of vehicles anywhere, be it your car, SUV, truck or van. This marquis investment on the part of Good1Auto enables them to offer their Alignment Guarantee, which has no un-paid equal in the Houston-area. It also allows them to complete the work on your car in record time, often finishing the alignment while your paperwork is being processed.

Maintaining your vehicle is paramount to anyone in the current economic climate. Like any good mechanic shop, Good1Auto recommends regular oil changes and fluid monitoring as well as regular tire inspections and proper pressure maintenance, but perhaps the most overlooked piece of the maintenance puzzle is wheel alignment. Proper wheel alignment can increase the longevity of your car tires and suspension, thereby saving you money. Most Houston commuters travel over 50 miles a day, and your tires when properly aligned can increase your fuel efficiency too, saving hundreds of dollars a year. Who can’t relate to saving money on gas?

As for me, if you want a superior product and are fiscally conscious, check out one of Good1Auto’s 7 Houston Locations and ask about their Alignment Ultra™ Specials and preventative maintenance packages. If you don’t have a collision repair specialist or body shop that you currently use, we highly recommend you call them.