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Houston’s Premier Paint & Body Shop and Collision Specialists saves money and the environment.

These days, more than ever, Americans are increasingly aware of their ecological impact, or their “carbon footprint”, and they are doing things about it. It isn’t just can’s and bottles anymore. America has gone green. We buy electric cars and put solar cells on houses. Most urban Houston natives recycle, in fact if you live in the city of Houston you probably have a green recycle-bin on your curb every week. And while our citizenry continues to curtail their impact on the world around them, fewer businesses are up to the challenge.

Good1Auto Group is leading the way in and around the Houston area. All 8 of their Houston locations have state-of-the-art painting booths that scrub harmful fumes from the air and prevent spills from going into the groundwater. And while many similar set-ups can be found throughout Houston at the better paint & body and collision repair centers, what you won’t find there is Dupont’s Cromax Pro® Water-Based Painting Solutions.

Often California has led the nation in the Environmentally friendly movements and trends for years, and their emission standards for air quality moved into the realm of Auto Body and paint industries a few years ago, forever changing how Body Shops do business. In a recent Press Release entitled DuPont Water-Based Paints Help California Auto Body Shops Meet New Air Emissions Regulations John McCool, vice president and general manager of the refinish business in DuPont Performance Coatings, illustrates how this solution not only protects the environment but improves productivity.

“The trend toward sustainability is here to stay, so our objective is to help our customers not only cope with new regulations, but actually improve their businesses in the process… [and] Cromax® Pro Basecoat is the most advanced waterborne basecoat available on the market.”

If you want a superior product and are environmentally conscious, check out one of Good1Auto’s 7 Houston Locations and ask about their water based, eco friendly paint solutions. If you don’t have a collision repair specialist or body shop that you currently use, we highly recommend you call.